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About Us

We have been running Prasad Digital Studio for over 25 years. Digital Visiting Card, this is a special service that we have just launched.
Our mission is to get your business into the hands of people quickly
We Hope to make it Easier for the Customer to get to know you and your Business better.

Attracting your client in a new way, Make you appear more unique than others. Would be helpful

It will help you showcase your talent.

Like the website, our digital business card will collect your business information from its URL link. Sample as your own website. Say goodbye to paperwork. Very best Digital visiting Card get your business.

  • We make your best digital Visiting Card.
  • Can be used with any mobile, tablet, laptop and PC
  • Share the link SMS, Email, WhatsApp and instagram more than more to use it.

Using a digital Visiting Card can save you a lot of money, You can fully inform your customer about your business. Your Photo Icon, You can attach a photo of your business. With the touch of a button, your can communicate via phone, sms, whatsup, email and facebook extra

Product Benefits

One Touch Click, Call for your Customers

Without saving number You can send whatsapp to anyone

About us, for you Bussiness Details

create your Bussiness Details insite page

Inset your Photo Gallery

Show your Services with photos

Call To Action

It takes 3 to 5 working days to start this processor. Call email and whatsapp to start work.


The Terms and Conditions includes


Rs0 month

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Rs500 Yearly

  • Call and Whatsapp Button
  • E-Mail Button
  • Location Button
  • website and Social media
  • Your Gallerys
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Digital Visiting Card, this is a special service that we have just launched. In the best way for 25 years with happy customers We have been doing business.

13B, Kothandapani Street, Kumbakonam - 612 001, Thanjavur Dist., Tamil Nadu, India.



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